Thursday, December 21, 2006

Battle #2: Sicilia IV(5c) vs Early Crusaders again

I haven’t found out yet why these guys keep hitting each other. But this time the odds are better for Sicilia: the crusader general, a rather dim torch, chose a battlefield tailor-made for the good going troops of the sicilians. This battlereport comes in bounds. If you feel like commenting please do. When you click on the pictures, they get real big.


Attacker: Sicilia IV/5c Kn(g)KnKnKnLHAxAxAxAxPsPsBw
Defender: Early Crusaders Kn(g)KnKnBdSpSpSpSpSpWbBwBw
Terrain: very crowded arable lands (Road, 2 Hills, 3 Woods).

Sicilia deploys first.
-Left Wing: BwPsKnKn in column on the road. 1. Objective: threaten opposite enemy wing with a fast and strong thrust along the raod to disrupt crusader approach. 2. Objective: Take position before the woods, eventually to draw any enemy into bad going, the Knights help out in the centre.
-Right Wing: AxPsAx & AxAx, in two columns. 1. Objective: threaten to take the wooded patch on the crest of the hill and confuse/slow down enemy’s opposite wing. 2. Objective: confuse enemy’s opposite wing.
-Centre: Kn(g)LhKn in group. The Lighthorse are ready to go anywhere forward, the general and his knights just wait and see.

Crusader deploys next.
-Right Wing: WbSpSp in column and a Kn guarding their right flank.1. Objective: To block the road and set up a counterthreat. Roads are great for slow spears. 2. Objective: Fast forward, build a battleline and crush the enemy!
-Left Wing: BdSpKnKn(g). 1. Objective: Take the hill and neutralize the Woods 2. Objective: Help the Centre (Kn(g)Kn), secure the knights left flank (BdSp)
-Centre: BwSpSpBw in line. Build up pressure by closing in on centre battlefield, bows mow down any Knights.

First Bound: Sicilia
-4 PIPs
-Left Wing: advance along road 400 paces. (1PIP)
-Centre: Lighthorse advance 500 paces to centre of battleflield (1PIP). Knights catch up with General, and both advance (2PIPs).
-Right Wing: No move. Both light infantry columns wait in the woods.

First Bound: Crusaders
- 6 PIPs
Not quite sure what is going on, the crusader general orders everybody to advance. On the right wing however the warband moves off the road to make room for the knights. So now there's a column of SpSpKn threatening the sicilian Bows. The general and his Knights secure the hill and the Blade and spear on the left wing try to reach the woods before the sicilian psiloi and auxiliaries.

Second Bound: Sicilia
The Sicilians unfold their battleline. 5 PIPs where rolled and spent while forgetting the Light Horse in the middle of the road. The plan was to hold off an impending enemy thrust along the road thus binding his right wing with lesser troops and eventually pulling the fight into bad going. But the " f@°#ed-up Light Horse now demand for a change of plan, fast! The Knights start to build up pressure in the centre against the crusader phalanx of BwSpSpBw. If necessary they are ready to support the sicilian bows next to them.
- 5 PIPs
- Right Wing: the 2 columns of AxAxAxAxPs move forward towards the enemy general ("ZOC him!") partially leaving the woods (2 PIPs).
- Center: A column of two elements of knights leave the road and charge into the open between the two battlelines... (1PIP) while the Light Horse run off across the road (1 PIP)...and any subsequent move fatally overlooked by the general! All PIPs being spent the Light Horse got stranded on the road, now anticipating a fierce charge by the road-borne enemy, ayayay!
- Left Wing: The psiloi jump into the woods to provide a nasty overlap just in case the enemy should launch a fast attack along the road (1 PIP).

Second Bound: Crusaders
First blood!
Rubbing his hands after rolling a nasty 6 PIP the crusader general signales the column of SpSpKn on his right wing forward along the road to make döner kebab out of the sicilian Light Horse. But it didn't pull no punches, the Light Horse merely recoiling off the road. But now they got the woods right behind their backs! watch it, my berber brothers!
The rest of the crusader troops advance further once more, the blade and spear on the left wing finally reaching the woods.
The general and his knights wheel to the right to counter the approaching sicilian knights.
The Warband sluggishly pulls up on to the road again.

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